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December Holiday Special
11 December to 4th of January - R1790.00 (Special 1)
18 December to 4th of January - R1490.00 (Special 2)
23 December to 4th of January - R1050.00 (Special 3)


Trouble Shooting

Our Jumping Castles and equipment is reliable. In the unlikely event that you do experience a problem please follow these instructions. If you cannot correct the problem call 082 418 3555.

Jumping Castle Instructions



  • Children must not be allowed near the motor.
  • If an electrical extension is used it must be a triple wired, earthed cord.
  • Do not cover motor with bag or tight material – it needs air.
  • Do not leave motor in rain/water – it’s an electrical appliance.
  • Do not switch the motor on and off.
  • Castle should be at least 1 meter away from walls or objects that can damage the castle – NB clients pay for damages.
  • No pets, shoes, sharp objects streamers or food allowed on thecastle.
  • No adults allowed on the jumping castles – it will damage as it is not made for above 80 kg.
  • Adults are allowed on water-slides, gladiators and wave slides.
  • The air pipe feeds the air to the castle.
  • It needs to be securely attached to the motor so air does not escape.
  • The pipe must not be bend or twisted, this will restrict airflow to the castle.

Setting up the castle

  • Put the castle where you intend to use it.
  • Roll the castle out of the bag and look for the air pipe (long PVC pipe, castle).
  • Attach the motor to the air pipe and fasten tight. The motor must be upright - standing on its “leg”
  • Attach extension to motor – must be a tripled wired, earthed cord.
  • Plug extension directly into the into the power source and switch on electricity
  • The motor needs to run continuously for the castle to stay inflated.

Folding the castle

  • Remove motor from the castle.
  • Straighten the air pipe and hold so that the air can escape (tip: let someone walk on the castle and the air will escape faster.
  • Most castles with a pond have a short air pipe underneath the pond. Open this air pipe as well.
  • Fold all loose parts to the inside
  • Fold castle in such a way that it ends up narrow and long. same width as the bag)
  • Put bag underneath castle on the one side and roll the castle tightly towards the bag.
  • Once inside the bag close with the attached ropes.

Trouble shooting


  • Electricity keep on tripping when motor is switched on.
  • Motor starts but cut out.

Do the following to eliminate possible causes/solve the problem:

  • Take motor and plug directly into power source (no extension or other plugs) - if still problem.
  • Take motor to another power source and plug in.
  • Plug motor into power source – ensure that no other appliances use the same plug/line.
  • If you do use an extension ensure that the extension is a tripled wired, earthed cord, not longer than 15m

Jumping castle not stiff:

  • Check that the air pipe is attached tight to the motor – no air escaping.
  • Check that the pipe underneath the pond is closed properly
  • Ensure that air pipe is straight with no obstructions.
  • It is normal that bubbles and air escape from the seams.
  • Small holes is not a problem. If you can put 3 fingers in a hole please phone